Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Market - Global Comprehensive Research & Forecast, 2019–2027

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Vertical axis wind turbines have the ability to rotate by catching the wind from all directions. Because, it’s main rotor shaft is placed in vertical position unlike, in horizontal wind turbineswhere it needs to be pointed into the wind. In vertical axis wind turbines, the main components like gearbox, rotor and generator, are located at the bottom of the turbine.These arrangements allow the gearbox and the generator to get closer to the ground level, thus allow the easy repair and maintenance operations. The vertical axis wind turbines can be grouped more closely in the wind farms, which help to increase the power generation per unit of land area.

Growth Factors

Rising innovation in the field of renewable energy sector has led to the introduction of vertical axis wind turbines in the market. The vertical axis wind turbines have proved to be an alternative technology of the future which is expected to gain higher market share in the near future. The vertical axis wind turbines do not require any wind sensing mechanism.They can generate an equivalent amount of electricity at low wind speed, thus they can be used in less windy and lower altitudes geographies. Hence, the vertical axis wind turbines can be used at much smaller scales. Vertical axis wind turbines are cheaper to install and easy-to-use as compared to horizontal axis wind turbines.


Vertical axis wind turbine market is classified on the basis of design, and region. On the basis of the design, the global vertical axis wind turbines market is segmented as the Giromill model, the Darrieus model, andthe Savonius model.

Regional Analysis

The Vertical axis wind turbine market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World.North America and Europe are expected to be the largest markets in the global vertical axis wind turbines market owing to the rising technological innovations and development of vertical axis wind turbine, huge number of installations in U.S. Asia-Pacific region is also anticipated to grow at higher CAGR over the forecast period.

Major Players
Top players in the globalvertical axis wind turbine market are Northern Power Systems Inc., Bergey Wind Power Co., V-Air Wind Technologies, ArborWindEnvergate Energy, SAWT, OyWindside Production, Kingspan Group Plc,ZKEnergy Technology Co., Ltd., Endurance Wind Power Inc., Royall Power, Xzeres Wind Corp., and Shanghai Ghrepower Green Energy Co. Ltd.In order to gain the market share and competitive advantage, different strategies are being adopted by these players like the expansion, new product launch, product differentiation, and merger & acquisition.
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